Turkey's mercenaries give Kokan people choice: displacement or death

Residents of the villages of Kokan Tahtani and Kokan Foqani in Mobata district of Afrin canton are subjected to forcible displacement by Turkish mercenaries who have asked parents to leave their homes and villages. When the villagers refused, they randomly fired at houses and 10 people were injured.

A source from the village of Kokan told our agency that on Wednesday afternoon the two villages of Kokan Fokani and Kokan Tahtani were attacked by mercenaries of Turkey, who entered the villages and asked the remaining residents of the village in order to reside mercenaries with their families in, but the villagers rejected the demands of mercenaries, so the mercenaries turned to intimidate the people by beating and firing randomly at populated houses.

The source pointed out that about 10 people, including women and children, were wounded by bullets and beatings, where some were seriously wounded. The source did not know the names of the injured people, as the mercenaries are besieging the two villages and threatening the villagers to kill them if they did not leave the villages quickly.

The source confirmed that they are in dangers even worse the wounded are not allowed access to hospitals.


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