Turkey's terms do not mean a safe area as much as occupation


Since Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of US forces from northern Syria, Turkey has renewed its demand to establish a safe area east of the Euphrates along its border with Syria, east of the Euphrates, 32 km deep inside Syrian territory and 460 km. Turkey insists that the administration of the safe area should be in its own hands, on the pretext that it possesses all the qualifications and that it has succeeded in establishing the zone of de-escalation of the terrorists. Therefore, the transfer of the western Euphrates experience to the east of the Euphrates will preserve the territorial integrity of the Syrian state and prevent the Kurds to establish any entity there, and eliminate those it claims to be terrorist, the Kurds.

The Kurds reject the safe areas with Turkish administration because they are a party to the conflict

The US and Turkish administrations are grappling with the idea of ​​a safe zone, without reaching a settlement point or agreement the US insists that its European allies have a role in it and threatens Turkey to impose severe economic sanctions if it is exposed to its Kurdish ally in Syria. The Kurds reject the safe area under ​​Turkey's administration because it is a party to the conflict and not independent and supports terrorism in Syria.

There is no trust between Turkey and the other states about Syria

Every time Turkey renews its claim to the safe area, it is the starting point without any progress because of the loss of confidence between all parties, whether between Turkey and America or between the parties of Astana (Russia, Iran and Turkey) or between the internal Syrian parties, especially between Autonomous Administration and the regime. America's adherence to its Kurdish ally in Syria is a major obstacle to Turkey's ambitions, which some observers interpret as old ambitions in northern Syria that raise the fears of all other parties.

The Turkish intervention in the Syrian north is not reassuring, and the solution of the Syrian crisis is more complicated

The experience of the Turkish occupation of the Syrian areas west of the Euphrates area (Bab, Azaz, Afrin, Jarablus) does not reassure the Syrians as Turkey is undergoing demographic and ethnic changes and obliterate the Syrian features of this region, and its allies of the armed opposition groups are belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and their derivatives, they offer their Islamic affiliation to any national affiliation. The transfer of this experience to the east of the Euphrates means more complications of the Syrian issue, and the complexities of political solution, and increase the division between the components of the Syrian people. According to previous experiences in the world, neighboring countries are intervening with different names that conceal what is not shown, and turn into a brutal occupation.

Turkey does not abide by its commitments because of its ambitions throughout the north of Syria

Turkey has not abided by its commitments in Astana towards the disarmed area, and al Qaeda in Idlib. It is postponing any solution with its partners Russia and Iran. The reason is Turkey's unpopular ambitions throughout the Syrian north, exploiting the contradictions of international policy towards the Syrian issue and its relations with all parties to the international and regional conflict in Syria.

Turkey's terms do not mean a safe area as much as occupation

These reasons prevent the other parties of the conflict from accepting Turkey's demands in the safe area in accordance with its standards, they have all turned their back to Turkey's demands. While renewed Turkish claims do not mean every time that the parties to the conflict, especially the United States, invoke Turkey every time to reach an understanding with it over the safe area, because Turkey's terms do not mean a safe area as much as an occupation zone.



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