​​​​​​​Turkification of Syrian territories amid Damascus silence .. Syrian journalist sees that tacit approval

The Turkish occupation continues to perpetuate its presence in the occupied areas, through its tools amid a suspicious silence by the Damascus government, as the Syrian writer and journalist Thaer Azouz believes that these measures are clear evidence that the Turkish project is not temporary. It occurs with the tacit approval of Damascus."

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have intensified the demographic change measures of the occupied Syrian areas, such as Jarablus, Al-Bab, Azaz, Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi.

And after the demographic change policies and raising the Turkish flags, the Turkish occupation imposed trading in Turkish currency instead of the Syrian.

In the last step of this kind, the so-called Interim Government and its affiliated councils announced that they were preparing to issue identity cards, in a dangerous step that threatens the Syrian national identity.

A continuation project

Regarding this, the Syrian writer and journalist Thaer Zaazoua said: “It is clear that the Turkish project is not a temporary project, but ongoing one by fully annexing these areas with Ankara on all levels. Or the loyalty of the so-called Rescue Government or even the Interim Government of Turkey. "

He explained, "A few months ago, dealing in the Turkish currency started, after the Syrian pound witnessed a catastrophic collapse. Many videos report the Turkish language and the Turkish flag in various institutions, and as Turkey claims, it forms a protective wall for those areas from the Syrian regime forces and its allies during the agreements that Ankara signed with Moscow and Tehran. "

Syrian regime tacitly agreed

Regarding the position of the Damascus government, Zaazouz said: “The Syrian regime appears to be tacitly agree to what is happening, as its media does not cease to consider the people of these areas as terrorists. Those four million people, according to the regime’s opinion, are terrorists. Therefore, it will not be difficult if a referendum is held to find these people welcome to stay under its tutelage to get rid of the tyrannical power of the Assad regime. "

The absence of a Syrian national project

He concluded his speech by saying, "It is a pity in theory in reality, but in the absence of a Syrian national project, especially the collapse of most of the Syrian opposition and its transformation into groups of mercenaries, what will remain to occupy many people is the struggle for survival, whatever power is."



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