Turkish attacks ... Iraqi border guards mourn their fighters in a statement

The Iraqi border guard forces issued a statement to the public opinion, mourning their fighters who were killed as a result of the Turkish raids on Başûr Kurdistan.

The text of the statement read: “With more sadness and sorrow, the Border Guard Command of the First District wreaks out her heroic martyrs, and they are:  The heroic martyr (Brigadier General / Muhammad Rashid Suleiman), commander of the Second Border Guard Brigade, and the heroic martyr (Brigadier General / Zobir Hali Pradoisti), commander of the Third Border Guard Regiment, on Tuesday 8/11/2020 while they were performing their duty.

The statement added that the fighters were killed as a result of a Turkish attack on Iraqi sovereignty, and said: “The fighters were martyred as a result of a Turkish drone bombing in the Sidekan area of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, may God bless them with his vast mercy and abundance of paradise, and inspired their families' patience and solace.”



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