Turkish attacks must be addressed, otherwise, it will extend to Mosul, Baghdad

The writer and politician Ali Karimi said that the Turkish occupation seeks to occupy the south of Kurdistan and the Middle East and extend the influence of its state till Mosul and Baghdad.

The Turkish occupation state continues its military campaign against the legitimate defense areas in southern Kurdistan. The Turkish occupation state also increased the number of its military bases in southern Kurdistan, while Peshmerga handed over its points and positions to the Turkish army. The Turkish occupation state targets the populated areas during its campaign and attacks. In the face of these attacks, the  Self-Defense Forces were announced in southern Kurdistan.

The writer and politician Ali Karimi spoke to our agency (ANHA) on the subject.

Karimi pointed out that the Turkish state is carrying out its occupation attacks against the regions of southern Kurdistan for decades, "The Turkish occupation carries out these attacks in particular during the spring and summer under the pretext of fighting the PKK, but in fact the Turkish state seeks to consolidate its presence and forces in cooperation with the Kurdistan Democratic Party Kurdistan in the regions of Başûr. The Turkish state targets civilians and destroys the homes of people and commits massacres.

The Turkish state seeks first to occupy Başûr Kurdistan as well as other areas of the Middle East and expand the borders of the state.

If the occupation of the Turkish state is not addressed, this occupation will extend to Mosul and Baghdad as well.

'Attacks are in the front of the eyes of the Iraqi state'

"If the attacks were aimed at the Sunni areas or the rest of the Arab regions, the Iraqi state would have intervened directly and showed stern positions," Karimi said, adding that the Iraqi state also turned a blind eye to all Turkish state practices hostile to the people of the region. Although the south of Kurdistan is exposed to all these attacks, both Masoud Barzani and Nejervan Barzani stand by the Turkish state, and turn a blind eye to the attacks and do not care about them, so that there is a prior agreement between the Turkish occupation, Iraq and Barzani's family in these attacks."

'Silence of  the Barzani family encourages the Turkish state to launch attacks'

Karimi called on the Kurdistan Democratic Party to abandon its alliance with the Turkish occupation state, adding that "the Turkish state is carrying out daily air strikes and bombing areas of southern Kurdistan and is working to establish and build military headquarters and points in the areas occupied by its forces there. These attacks, and thus lead to the strengthening of the presence of Turkish forces in the region and the Peshmerga Kurdistan Democratic Party working to protect the headquarters and bases of Turkey, and in many areas to hand over their positions to the Turkish army.

The Democratic Party must abandon its alliance with the Turkish state because the Turkish state is manipulating them and use them for their interests. The Turkish state will work on the occupation of Kurdistan.

'We must not trust the Turkish occupation'

Karimi also pointed out that the visit of representatives of the Kurdistan region to Turkey does not serve peace and stability and said "After every visit to Turkey and after every meeting with the Turkish officials, Turkey is carrying out violent attacks against the regions of southern Kurdistan Turkey always seeks to build its policy in the region on this basis ... Turkey should not be trusted. "



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