'Turkish attacks targets Başûr in first class'

PYD's Diplomatic Relation Co-Chair in al-Hasakah Canton demanded KRG to clarify its position on the Turkish aggression, and the evacuation of military positions and handed over them to the Turkish occupation and said the attacks target KRG and its people at first, noting that its silence indicates its partnerships in these attacks.

After several recent meetings between (KRG) headed by Nigervan Barzani at present, and the AKP government, in the Kurdistan region and Turkey, recently agreements appeared between them clearly before the eyes of the world, including the Turkish state launched violent attacks on the areas of legitimate defense, in conjunction with evacuation of the forces of the PDK forces its positions and handed over them to the Turkish occupation army, amid the silence of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

In this context, the ANAH news agency conducted a meeting with the co-chair of diplomatic relations of the Democratic Union Party in al-Hasakah, Joan Esso, to highlight the practices of the Turkish occupation in the areas of legitimate defense, which confirmed that the attacks of the Turkish occupation targeted the people and government of Başûr Kurdistan in the first degree, to undermine the will of the Kurdish people.

Esso pointed out that the attacks of the Turkish state is not new, but an extension of decades, and said, "Its strategic goal is to control the full geography of those areas."

He noted that the silence that accompanied the handover of the Peshmerga forces to the Turkish occupation forces after the meetings between the two governments, amid a disappointing silence by the government of Başûr Kurdistan, "evidence of the existence of intelligence coordination between them.

Esso pointed out that the people and the government of Başûr should know that these attacks target them primarily, "because the policy of the Turkish state is clear, its aim is to undermine the will of the Kurdish people and all the democratic regimes in the region, while the position of all peoples is clear through condemnation, establishing human shields in condemnation of the policy pursued by the Kurdistan Regional Government and the recent attacks of Turkish occupation. "

Esso said that during the last meeting with Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, he reiterated and insisted that there must be a peaceful solution and renounce violence to reach a political solution for the entire region.

Esso hoped that the recent meetings between the delegation of the Kurdish parties in Rojava with the parties in Basur would constitute an appropriate ground for the Kurdistan National Congress. "However, we see the results are counterproductive on the ground, contrary to the expectations of the Kurdish people."

Esso said that the continued silence of KRG towards the Turkish aggression on Başûr Kurdistan will affect the internal reality in the region.

At the end of his speech, Joan Esso, called on KRG to clarify some important points on the evacuation of military sites and to show the true face of these attacks, "If there is no clarification, this indicates that they are partners in these attacks, and the results will be negative for the entire region, and serve these policies of the Turkish occupation and policies aimed at the Kurdish people and all peoples and existing democratic systems.



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