Turkish authorities arrest 9 people in Ayla city in the framework "Kobani case"

The Turkish authorities in the city of Ayla, Bakur, Kurdistan, arrested 9 people in the "Kobani case".

Since April 2021, the authorities of the Turkish occupation state have continued to arrest many people in Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey on charges of the "Kobani case", in which the former co-chairs of the HDP, Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yuksekdag, were arrested, in addition to 108 politicians and human rights defenders, including 20 parliamentarians and administrators from Peoples Democratic Party.

During the attacks of ISIS mercenaries on Kobani in September 2014, the HDP played an important role in moving the masses and closing the northern borders of the city of Kobani to ISIS mercenaries to prevent them from infiltrating it, as well as exerting pressure on the Turkish authorities to open corridors to transport the wounded from the besieged city at the time.

Politicians considered that the arrests taking place under the name of "the Kobani case" are a political genocide in early Kurdistan and Turkey.

Since that day, the Turkish authorities continue to arrest many people in the framework of the "Kobani case.”

This morning, the Turkish police raided houses in the city of Il in Baku, Kurdistan, and arrested 9 people.

According to the Furat agency, which published the news, the detainees are "Sherif Takak, Hamza Qzelgin, Mohammad Shirin Onkon, Shirin Dakar, and five others whose names are not known."

The agency indicated that it was obtained that the 9 people were arrested in the framework of the "Kobani case" and taken to the Police Directorate in Ayla.



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