​​​​​​​Turkish authorities reject the requests of the families to meet with the detainees

​​​​​​​The Turkish Public Prosecution in Bursa rejected the requests of the Ocalan family and the families of 3 other detainees in Imrali to meet them.

The brother of Commander Abdullah Ocalan, Muhammad Ocalan and his lawyer, Mazlum Deng, applied yesterday to the Turkish Public Prosecution in Bursa to allow them to meet Ocalan in Imrali Prison, but the request was rejected.

In the same context, the families of the detainees, Omar Khairy Konaro, my colleague Yildirim and Faisal Akash, submitted requests to meet with them, but they were also rejected.

The Public Prosecution said that it rejected the requests on the pretext that the detainees are subject to prison penalties.



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