Turkish bombing on al-Haisha killed 2 civilians, wounded 5 others

The aerial bombardment of the Turkish occupation army on al-Haisha town resulted in martyring two civilians and wounding five others who were reaping the cotton crop.

A Turkish drone targeted al-Haisha town, southeast of Ain Issa district on Saturday afternoon. 

The National Hospital in al-Raqqa city disclosed the names of the wounded and a martyr, while the other martyr’s identity has not been known:

Hani al-Ahmed al-Rawi, 25 years old got martyred.

Ali Hamid al-Hilal, 45 years old.

Tareq al-Ahmed, 30 years old.

Mohammed al-Ahmed, 29 years old.

Hamoud al-Ahmed, 20 years old.

In this context, our agency met with a relative of the injured Fahd al-Ahmed who narrated the details of the incident. He said, “A drone of the Turkish occupation targeted a group of people from al-Haisha area while they were harvesting the cotton crop to add this crime to the Turkish aggression’s crimes.”

Fahd added, "We call on the international community to take a serious attitude towards the ongoing Turkish attacks on the areas of NE Syria and the killing of hundreds of innocent citizens.”


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