Turkish cancerous colonies in Syria to repeat Iskenderun experience… Part IV

In conjunction with the settlement operations and the construction of Asian cancerous colonies in the Syrian body, Turkish occupation aims to link Afrin to what it did earlier in Iskenderun and today in Idlib and al-Shahba, but its confusion and lack of control over the situation finally shows its failure in Afrin, so aims to create sectarian and ethnic strife among the components to accomplish what it began in North Syria.


Afrin was looted and settled in but the resistance continues

During the fourth and final part of this dossier bearing the title "Turkish cancerous colonies in Syria to repeat Iskenderun experience" we will list some of the features of Afrin's resistance, which so far thwarted the schemes of occupation in the process of colonialism and the crimes of genocide committed with its mercenaries of international terrorist gangs against the peoples of the area.

Afrin did not change its features despite 200 years of failed Turkification attempts.

Over the course of 200 years, Ottoman Empire and then its republic, the fascist son, tried, as much as possible, to change the features of the areas stretching west of Euphrates to Mediterranean Sea, with the sole objective of annihilating the Kurds and ending their presence there and bringing Caucasian-Asian groups to replace them or at least for a future argument of expansion in it, and they will be their fuse.

The occupation was able to make a small impact on the area, some of which remained so far in the areas of al-Shahba, Aleppo and Idlib, and robbed Iskenderun, but did not shake the entity and features of Afrin hair even, as a result of resistance and steadfastness and connection to the land and history and culture of the area.

He once again took advantage of the contradictions between superpowers and made great concessions to the regime and its allies for this attempt, like its predecessors in the policy of Turkification policy dispossession of others, it began with media espionage and then political agreements and conspiracies with major powers in Syria, and consummated its plan in large military mobilization of tanks and heavy artillery and warplanes, to break on Afrin thinking that Afrin like Iskenderun.

But in Afrin, the winds did not go as desired by Turkish occupation ships, on January 20 this year, Erdogan began his invasion of Afrin with the remnants of the two terrorist organizations Daesh and Jabhet al-Nusra in Syria, where the operation was preceded by intensive aerial bombardment of warplanes and heavy artillery.

Military failure to push Turkey to target innocent civilians, and international silence helped him

He then mobilized tens of thousands of Turkish soldiers and terrorists from Daesh and Jabhet al-Nusra to start the ground offensive, which Erdogan thought was a picnic for its army and mercenaries, but the second NATO force was floundering in Afrin, where its forces failed to advance in Afrin as planned for the operation, and started in shelling of areas populated by civilians and areas containing camps for the displaced from the rest of Syria, as a result of the indiscriminate aggression of Turkish occupation army, dozens of innocent and displaced civilians, including children and women, were victims of the Turkish barbaric attack.

After a month of repeated failure to advance in Afrin after heroic resistance to PKK fighters of Women and People Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) and Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), Erdogan began to use internationally banned weapons in an attempt to make progress on the ground to calm the Turkish interior first and to calm the anger and fear among the terrorists who support Turkey in the attack on Afrin, because the heroic resistance provided by the forces defending Afrin frustrated the morale of the terrorists and led them to fight with each other at times and with Turkish army at other times.

Turkish attack on Afrin came amid international silence, especially from Russia, United States, European Union and United Nations, which encouraged Erdogan to commit more massacres against innocent civilians and to use internationally prohibited weapons against civilians.

Therefore, the decision of (YPG) to remove the civilians from Afrin and the villages to protect them, and the transition to a new stage of armed defense and resistance against the occupation after nearly two months of fighting and the fierce response against all the military techniques used by Turkish aggression and its mercenaries of more than 30,000 mercenaries and a soldier led by all Turkish military leaders with their pillars.

After entering the city.... The process of Turkification and resort to sedition failed

The great involvement of the Turkish army and its mercenaries in the aggression campaign against Afrin, the use of prohibited weapons, the violation of all international laws and conventions relating to war crimes, looting and theft of civilian property, killing and kidnapping, all of them showed the weakness of the Turkish state towards Syrian people in general and Kurds in particular.

But with the attempts to impose a fait accompli on the city and Turkifying it as it did in each of Idlib and Jarablus, but Afrin people do not bow with all its political components, made him heading towards the sectarian strife and nationalism raised from the beginning in most areas of Syria with the beginning of the crisis.

He brought in internally displaced persons from Syria, in Turkish-Russian-Iranian deals, and resettled them in Afrin city and its environs, then it brought in some of the mercenaries, representing Arab tribes in Afrin, such as Amirats and others, in order to create a rift in the community structure in Afrin, he also made some armed mercenaries from Azaz and al-Rai responsible for villages and neighborhoods in Afrin to inflame sedition between the components of one area and spacing among themselves a player in the throes of national and religious incitement.

In addition, the Turkish intelligence and its government have held intensive meetings of Syrian coalition mercenaries in Delokgazi Entebbe city since last March to form a council representing Afrin city whose members do not have in the area any connection other than mercenaries to Erdogan, just as they did in the past for Deir ez-Zor, al-Raqqa, Manbij and al-Hasakah and failed without any significant step. The state of occupation also aims to give of a sectarian dimension to the area known as its diverse mosaic of religions and nationalities.

The steadfastness in the vicinity of Afrin and al-Shahba areas is continuation of Resistance of the Age to thwart the occupation

The most prominent features of the resistance that affected the situation in Afrin, and made Erdogan out of his mind is the forced and forcible survival of the people, because of the massacres and crimes of genocide, to areas in al-Shahba and surrounding villages of Afrin, and construction of camps as a continuation of the resistance against occupation and the call for international intervention guarantor to end the Turkification policy and to bring out the occupation and terrorists who are with him from Afrin.

As a continuation and support of this resistance in the camps, the solidarity of the peoples of North Syria about Afrin and their basic cause with the active participation of huge Arab and Kurdish clans and representatives of ethnic and religious minorities in the area came to return them as they were in the beginning and end the Turkish presence in North Syria.

The final North Syria meeting was held in al-Hasakah city under the slogan "Resistance of Afrin will defeat the new Ottoman occupation of Syria" and its final statement is evidence of the unity of speech and position of the tribes and political dignitaries in North Syria against the new Ottoman occupation that threatens the peoples future of the area as a whole and not the Kurds alone.