Turkish crime series continues in occupied Afrin

Our agency(ANHA) obtained the names kidnapped by the Turkish occupation army in recent days in the occupied Afrin, at the same time the Turkish occupation continues to destroy the nature of Afrin and the property of its people and change its demography.

The March 18, 2018, was described as one of the most devastating days of the Syrian crisis after the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries occupied the northwestern Syrian canton of Afrin after two months of attacks using sophisticated weapons, planes and tanks.

Since then, Turkey and its mercenaries have not stopped committing violations against the people of the area, and even their nature, stone and trees. Afrin can be described as a large prison. Some people say they do not dare leave their homes for fear of violations.

In the details of the recent violations revealed by sources, Seqour al-Shemal mercenaries forced the people to pay 10-20 thousand Syrian pounds to the owners of the grape vineyards in the villages of Bila, Qizlabsha, Aboudani. At the same time, all the vineyards were stolen and looted.

On the other hand, sources said that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army had displaced three families two months ago in the village of Kusa of Rajo district and the mercenaries families in the homes. While the Turkish occupation of 10 houses in the village of Qazlbasha in the area of ​​Belbela since the occupation of Afrin, and the Turkish occupation built a military base in the village.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries set fire to an olive field belonging to Mohammed Hajj Rashid of the village of Alamdara of the Rajo district, as well as the olive trees belonging to Hussein Avdakha Rishkeh from the village of Juwayq of the Afrin canton. Previous unofficial statistics indicate that the Turkish occupation has so far burned 14,000 hectares of forest and non-forest land.


The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries kidnapped dozens of Afrin residents over the past few days. Our agency obtained the names of some of the abductees: 25-year-old Noureddine Yousef Ben Mustafa, from the village of Badina in the Mobata district, Mohammed Mullah Mohammed bin Abdul Karim, the young Rokan Mala Mohammed Bint Manan Tahir, Mullah Mohammed Manan, Taher Mulla Mohammed Bin Manan, Kawa Omar Bin Jamal, Hussein Amin, Aref Sheikh Hamo Ben Farid, Mohammed Sheikh Hamo and Bassam Ahmed Bin Hanan from the village of Juwaiq in Afrin canton.

Aizma Manan Rashou, 50, from the village of Sheikutka, was kidnapped 10 days ago.

On the other hand, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries raided the house of Muhammad Kibar bin Yusuf from the village of Badina in the area of ​​Mobata and was kidnapped, and his fate remains unknown.

Badr Halabi, a resident of the Jindrisa district, was abducted and kidnapped a month ago and severely tortured.



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