Turkish economy collapses due to Erdogan's colonial policies

The director of the Federation of Associations in al-Jazeera region Rashad Kaymaz said that the economy of the Turkish state is managed by one party and is heading toward crisis, and the solution of the economic problem is to solve the Kurdish Cause.


The economic crisis of the Turkish state is worsening day by day and the Turkish lira is losing its value against the dollar and euro in addition to the Turkish budget deficit and the increase in the unemployment rate. Sugar factories have recently been sold because of the economic crisis, and as a result of this problem, traders and owners of companies and workers in Bakur, "northern Kurdistan" and Turkey leave the work and gradually reduce employment opportunities, this is evidence of the worsening economic crisis in Turkey, so there is increasing reaction against the authority of Erdogan, who controls the economy of the country.

The Turkish authorities ignore and conceal economic problems in their statements in order to win the elections. Turkey's attacks on Afrin region and southern Kurdistan have affected the economic situation in which some people of Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey have committed suicide in front of the Turkish institutions because of the poor economic situation, this is proof that the situation in Turkey cannot continue and the people cannot be strangled anymore.

The colonial attacks broke the Turkish economy

On the subject of the economic crisis of the Turkish occupation state, the administrator of the Associations Federation in al-Jazeera canton Rashad Kaymaz told ANHA agency that the Turkish attacks on Afrin and Başûr Kurdistan constituted a threat to the economic situation in Turkey, the Turkish state has been fighting the Kurdish freedom movement for 40 years, the latest attacks on Afrin region in Rojava, also has launched attacks on Başûr Kurdistan and these military attacks need a large economy, the attacks of the Turkish state on Afrin and Başûr Kurdistan was the cause of an economic crisis in Turkey.

The most effective factor on economic is the war, other factor is the authority of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as it is known that the economy knows no borders but Turkey's policies away from democracy and the solution were the reason for severing relations with other countries, this leaves Turkey economically alone.” Said Rashad Kaymaz.

The Turkish economy is managed by one party

"The Turkish economy is managed by one party, Erdogan's energy minister, Erdogan's son-in-law, his aim is to build up his dictatorship, and to face of opponents, the AKP government suppresses, attacks and holds them accountable. Erdogan did not solve the economic problem.

"These statements indicate that they want to hide the economic crisis, but the value of the dollar is rising daily against the Turkish lira, and if the situation continues, the dollar will value more," Rashad Kaymaz said.

They cannot hide the economic crisis, the whole world knows about it

Rashad Kaymaz also pointed to the US Secretary of State's statement. "We are not the only ones who say this. The whole world knows about the economic crisis in Turkey."

The reason for early elections in Turkey, scheduled for June 24, is the economic situation, explained Rashad Kaimaz. Erdogan has always said that he will hold the elections under his rule, and with the help of MHP Party President Dawlat Bakhjeli has submitted the election date. The emergency state imposed on Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan for 3 years ago, and the violation of rights and the non-democracy are also among the reasons why the Turkish economy is heading towards an unknown future.

As for ways to solve the economic crisis in Turkey, Rashad Kaymaz said: "In the current situation where the management of the economy is concentrated in the hands of one party away from society, the economic crisis in Turkey cannot be solved. In order to solve this problem we must bring democracy and recognition of all peoples and components. If the Kurdish issue is resolved, the economic crisis will be resolved and significant developments will be achieved. "

If Erdogan wins the election, the crisis in Turkey will worsen

"The people who live in Turkey, especially the decision of democracy in the June 24 elections, if Erdogan wins the election, we can say frankly that the Turkish economy will collapse and the darkness in Turkey will increase, for achieving the peoples brotherhood, peace, equality and democracy, the exclusivity authority must be resisted.

He also pointed out that the peasants and workers who work in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan are carrying out protest activities in front of Turkish institutions on a daily basis because of the economic situation and many of them are committing suicide because of debt. If Turkey's economic policy does not change and Turkey does not move towards the interests of society, the Turkish crisis will be further exacerbated.




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