Turkish government builds a 90 million lira prison in Van State and opponents criticize

Opposition politicians criticized the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan building a prison costing 90 million liras, overlooking the lake, in Van Bakur Kurdistan, and emphasized that the people of this country need equality, democracy and freedom.

Government officials considered building the prison an "investment", while the opposition said that the region has more urgent needs than prisons, noting that hundreds of prisons have already been built in recent years in Turkey.

Wali of Wan, Amin Bilmes, and the deputy for the ruling Justice and Development Party, Abdullah Arfas, announced that the prison will be built on an area of ​​64,000 square meters, and it is scheduled to accommodate a total of 1,260 inmates.

In turn, the head of the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) branch in the state, Muhammad Kuroksu, criticized the huge budget for building the prison, saying that this money should have been directed to meet the real needs of the region.

"You could have built highways, bus stations, stadiums or factories for 90 million pounds," the official added. "I don't have words to say if the decades-old guardianship issues remain unresolved while the government builds a prison."

While the MP for the HDP, Moaz Orhan, said that about 166 prisons have been built in Turkey in the past four years, and that 48 other prison construction projects are underway.

According to Orhan, Turkey has become open Turkey. "The people of this country need equality, democracy and freedom," he said.

In addition, the MP revealed that the real intentions of the Justice and Development Party government were to punish the problems, not solve them, and that prisons are used as a means of pressure against the Kurdish people and politicians.

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