Turkish incitement to continue fighting in Karabakh; preparations to transfer more Syrian mercenaries

Today, the Turkish Parliament Speaker from the Azerbaijani Parliament urged Azerbaijan to continue the fight against Armenia in Artsakh / Karabakh, in a direct threat to the truce declared on Saturday, while the Syrian Observatory said that Ankara is preparing to send more Syrian mercenaries there.

Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Shantub delivered a speech before the Azerbaijani Parliament today, in which he urged Azerbaijan to continue fighting in the crisis raging between Armenia and Azerbaijan since last September 27 in the disputed Artsakh / Karabakh.

Shantub incited the continuation of the conflict and said: "We call on you to continue your struggle and continue to defend your lands," adding: "Turkey will stand by your side in this struggle."

In the context, the Karabakh region army announced that the Azerbaijani army suffered heavy losses in troops and equipment during the past hours.

The mutual bombing between the two sides has returned despite the UN Security Council’s call during a closed meeting on Monday evening, both Armenia and Azerbaijan to respect the new truce around Karabakh, in which fighting between the two sides left hundreds dead.

In addition, the Syrian Observatory reported the killing of 27 Syrian mercenaries from Ankara during the past two days while participating in the battles of the disputed region, which raises the death toll of mercenaries since late September to at least 161.

The observatory indicated that Turkey is preparing to send a new batch of mercenaries to Azerbaijan, adding that the number of Syrian mercenaries who have been transferred reached at least 2050 so far.

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