Turkish intelligence agent admits to receiving orders to assassinate Austrian Kurdsh politician

A Turkish intelligence agent admitted that he had received orders to assassinate Berivan Aslan, an Austrian Kurdish politician.

The Turkish Viyaz O, an agent of the Turkish intelligence service (MIT) admitted to Austrian authorities that he had received orders in August to kill Berivan Aslan, an Austrian Kurdish politician and a member of the Austrian Green Party.

The Austrian site "Itkin Khabar Ajansi" said on Wednesday that Viyaz O who holds Italian citizenship told the authorities that he had been watching Aslan for some time, and that he had reserved a room in a hotel where he was waiting for the Kurdish politician.

According to the site, Fiyaz was the secret witness who testified that led to the arrest of U.S. consular worker Metin Topuz on terrorism charges.

The former Austrian politician, Peter Pels, announced the assassination plans on the Zach-Zach news site, where he also works as an editor, saying that Austrian intelligence had informed him that he was on a list of several people being planned to assassinate, along with Aslan and Austrian member of the European Parliament Andreas Scheider.

Bills said that Viyaz admitted to giving false testimony about Topuz when he was interrogated by the Austrian Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Unit, and indicated that he had confessed and explained in detail plots to "cause chaos" in Austria.

Berivan Aslan, as a politician focused on minorities in Austria, revealed a network of Turkish intelligence agents in several Austrian provinces, including the capital Vienna, and showed that this network is tasked with fomenting unrest between the Turkish and Kurdish communities in the country.


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