Turkish invasion renewed shelling Soghanka village

The Soghanka village was shelled by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries this morning resulted in heavy damages and destruction to the people's property.

In the morning hours of Saturday, a number of artillery shells fired by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries landed on the village of Soghanka in the area of ​​Shirawa of Afrin.

Our correspondent from the area said that the shelling did not result in any injuries among the people, and limited to material damage to the houses of "Ali Mohammed and Rasul Hassan and Mohammed Khalil" of the village.

It is worth mentioning that the village of Soghanka(Soxaneka) and other villages of Shera and Shirawa in Afrin are under repeated bombardment by the Turkish occupation army, which resulted in the earlier injury to a number of civilians and serious damage to their homes and property.



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