Turkish mercenaries enter al-Qalamoun displaced to Janders

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries emptied Barava village related to Shira district of its inhabitants to settle the families of the mercenaries in addition to the entry of hundreds of commanders and elements of the mercenary gangs and their displaced families from al-Qalamoun in Damascus countryside to Janders area.


And after several attempts to harass the villagers to force them to leave their village and imposing the exodus from the village on a batch of the villagers in the past, the Turkish army and its mercenaries took away on Saturday, April 21st all remaining residents from the village, and transferred them to Çema village related to Shera district .

This information was reported by a reliable source in Afrin canton to ANHA agency which confirmed that the mercenaries choose villages with strategic places and beautiful nature, and they require the people to go out to settle their families there, and this is what happened to Barava village which has a good geographical location and a beautiful nature so the mercenaries emptied it of its population, and they prevent anyone from entering it in preparation for settling their families there.

the source mentioned the names of the families and persons who were expelled from their village on Saturday; Othman Aref Omar and his wife, Haji Aref and his son Aref, Ramadan Sido Omar and his family, Rahman Yassin Khalil and his wife, Mohammed Seydou Mustafa and his family, Shukri Seydou Mustafa and his family, Hanifa, the wife of Yusuf Qengeu, Refat Yassin Khalil and his wife.

In a related context, other sources confirmed that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries entered on Saturday 31 buses loaded with 1,700 people related to the mercenary gangs with their families from al-Damir area in the eastern of al-Qalamoun in  the countryside of Damascus, including the commander of Faylaq al-Rahman mercenaries who is called Abdel Nasser Shamir, and dozens of commanders and elements of Faylaq al-Rahman with their families in addition to entering the militias of the mercenary called Ahmad al-Abdu and the mercenaries of al-Islam Army to the area of Janders in Afrin canton for settling them in the homes of Afrin residents who left as a result of the Turkish aggression and barbaric attacks on the area.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that more than 700 families of displaced persons from the countryside of Damascus and the families of the mercenaries entered Afrin canton.



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