Turkish mercenaries’ flowing into Libya continues; Sudan arrests 160 of them

In the context of Turkey's transfer of mercenaries to Libya, the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces in the North Darfur sector announced the arrest of a group of illegal immigrants who were going to work as mercenaries in Libya.

Turkey and its mercenaries, allied to the National Accord Government, are striving with all its power to control Sirte and Al-Jafra, due to their geographical location, and their richness in the underground wealth and considered the largest areas bordering the sea.

Cairo realized the danger that was approaching its western borders, and launched an initiative to ceasefire and return to the dialogue table.

The initiative hit the rock of the determination of the Accord Government and its ally Turkey, which confirmed their efforts to continue military action, and progress towards Sirte and beyond.

Yesterday, the Egyptian President warned the Accord Government and its mercenaries against exceeding the borders of Sirte, and said: "We will not stand idly by against our national security threat, our red lines in Libya are a call for peace, but we refuse to turn Libya into a safe haven for outlaws", stressing Egypt's refusal to interfere Foreign office in Libya.

While the head of the Supreme Council affirmed the sheikhs and notables of the Libyan tribes during a visit to Egypt, that the tribes demanded President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to intervene the Egyptian army in the event of the attack on Sirte.

Erdogan's regime is still going ahead with its colonial scheme in Libya, and its defiance of the international community's warnings that stress the ban on the export of arms and mercenaries to Libya.

According to the statistics of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the number of mercenaries who have gone to Libyan territory so far, has increased to nearly 16,100 mercenaries of Syrian nationality, including 340 children under the age of 18.

The spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Adam Mohamed Ahmed Saleh, revealed on Thursday that the forces seized on July 12 a group of 80 people, including two foreigners from the State of Syria, who were heading to the locations of the warring forces in Libya.

"Another similar group of 80 people was arrested on July 15th, and they are on their way to Libya to work as mercenaries," Saleh confirmed.

For his part, the state police director, Major General Yahya Mohamed Ahmed Nour, confirmed that this seizure "absolves Sudan of the many accusations that have been brought against it by some quarters that it is responsible for sending mercenaries."

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