​​​​​​​Turkish mercenaries kidnap "deaf, mute" girl from her parents' home in Afrin

On January 23rd, the Turkish occupation mercenaries kidnapped the girl, Khaleda Hussein Hannan, who is one of those with needs and does not speak nor hear.

Local sources confirmed to our agency that, on the evening of January 23rd, the mercenaries infiltrated the house of citizen Hussein Hannan from the roof of the house in Janders district in Afrin canton, and kidnapped his daughter Khaleda who suffers from deafness and dumbness.

Regarding the details of the crime, the sources reported that the mercenaries took off the staircase door from the roof and infiltrated the house of citizen Hussein Hanan, and when the people of the house felt them, the mercenaries sprayed narcotic and hypnotic substances on their faces, then kidnapped their daughter Khaleda and fled.

According to the sources, the family is originally from Yelenquz village, but due to the many harassment of mercenaries and their expulsion thereafter from their home, they had to go to Janders district and rent an apartment there.

It is worth mentioning that the citizen Hussein Hannan was kidnapped by the mercenaries at the beginning of the occupation of Afrin, and he stayed for a long time in the mercenaries' prisons, then they released him after paying a ransom.



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