Turkish mercenaries kidnapped 13 citizens from Joqa village of Afrin

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation today raided the village of Joqa of the city center of Afrin, and kidnapped at least 13 citizens.

The Afrin Activists Network has documented the names of 13 residents of the village of Joqa who were kidnapped by mercenaries today and taken to unknown destinations.

The kidnapped are :"Adib Sobhi Alkhado, Basil Hassan Moussa, Mohamed Mohamed Qasem, Ibo Jamil Ibo, Ismail Mohamed Allawi, Ismail Hussein Arab, Yahya Issa Arab, Idris Mohamed Arab, Kamal Khalil Saida, Hamoudi Ahmed Arek, Mohammed Jamil Othman, Abdo Subhi Esso, Alan Yousef Fayeq ".



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