Turkish mercenaries kidnapped Afrin’s medical staff

The mercenary factions of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped a number of medical cadres in Afrin city, and took them to an anonymous side.


The violations of the Turkish occupation army continue in Afrin. In this context, the sources stated to Hawar news agency that the lawyer Mohammed Jamil who is the head of Human Rights Organization in Afrin canton was kidnapped two months ago by one of the joint checkpoints between the Turkish intelligence and its mercenary factions as his news has been cut from his family since that time.

The sources assured that the lawyer Mohammed Jamil is in one of the prisons related to the mercenaries of Nour ed-Din Zenki in Ain Jara town, west of Aleppo city. According to the source, the health state of Mohammed Jamil is critical in the result of being tortured and shot by a bullet while he was trying to exit Afrin.

Some sources pointed out that the mercenaries of Ahrar al-Sham kidnapped the doctor Abdu Tofan from his clinic after insulting and hitting him.

In a relevant context, the mercenaries also kidnapped the Kurdish pharmacist Jwan Bilal from his home in Afrin city. 

Therefore, the Turkish occupation mercenaries continue their violations and loot the people’s possessions as the source noted that the Turkish occupation’s mercenaries stole the civilians’ properties, household items and motorbikes in Afrin and they sell them out of the area. 



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