Turkish military aircraft, reconnaissance hover over Mekhmour camp

In the meantime, warplanes and Turkish reconnaissance planes are hovering over Mekhmour camp in the southern of Bashur.

According to the report, published by Rojnews, Turkish warplanes and another reconnaissance aircraft have been hovering for hours before noon today, in the skies of Mekhmour camp (60 km south of Hewler).

He said the flight was still going on.

The Turkish state launched an air attack on Mekhmour camp "Martyr Rustam Joudi camp" in the middle of the night of 18 - 19 July, resulting in the injury of civilians and material damage.

The attack was the third of its kind in less than two years.

This military move comes amid the silence of the governments of the Kurdistan region and Iraq without taking any action against the violation of their sovereignty.



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