“Turkish occupation aims to obliterate Kurdish language in Afrin”

Samira Hajj Ali pointed out that passing the Turkish curricula into Afrin schools by the Turkish occupation is evidence of their attempt to melt down the people’s language and culture in Afrin. Samira made it clear that discussions are being held for completing the students’ education in al-Shahba camps in Afrin region.


QAMIŞLO- After following the policy of the demographic change in Afrin canton by the Turkish occupation through its attacks on the canton’s lands that resulted in displacing hundreds of thousands of civilians towards the villages of al-Shahba canton in addition to accommodating thousands of the mercenaries’ families from various areas of Syria, and in an attempt to eradicate the Kurdish language and culture, the Turkish occupation army entered the Turkish curricula into Afrin canton’s schools and raised the Turkish flags over them.

For this concern, Hawar news agency’s reporter interviewed the co-chair of Education Body in al-Jazeera region Samira Hajj Ali.

Samira said that including the Turkish language into Afrin schools was supported by some of the Kurdish treacherous figures comprised under the Kurdish National Council and complicit with the Turkish occupation in attacking Afrin by the participation of 6 Kurdish mercenary factions that are related to the Turkish occupation.

Samira described that step as the great treachery against the Kurdish people, and she added, “As resistance is ongoing in Afrin, Turkey would not rejoice for its language in Afrin schools.”

Samira also pointed out that fearing the Turkish occupation of the democratic project in Rojava and North Syria pushed it to follow the policy of abstraction, denial and melting against the Kurdish people, and making a demographic change against them in addition to destroying the sacred shrines of the Yazidi Kurds. Samira added, “Our people must be aware that whoever planted the roots of olives would not leave Afrin to the occupiers.”

Samira made it clear that Education Body in Afrin work on opening the schools, institutions, universities and academies, and it trained the teachers for the sake of developing the educational field on the bases of the democratic nation. Samira continued, “Kurdish language curricula entered Afrin schools for the children to learn in their mother tongue at all the educational levels.”

Samira also noted that the Turkish occupation, after occupying Afrin, entered the Turkish curricula into the canton’s schools and raised its flags over them with the support of some treacherous Kurds, and that they stated to Turkish media outlets that knowledge would be good whether it would be in Turkish or Arabic without mentioning the Kurdish language.  

The co-chair of Education Body in al-Jazeera region Samira Hajj Ali concluded saying, “The children in the camps need to receive education and complete their study, and there are serious discussions between Education Body in al-Jazeera and Afrin regions about the students’ completion their scholl in their mother tongue in the camps in order to not lose a year without studying.”



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