​​​​​​​Turkish occupation and its mercenaries kidnap 3 citizens from Janders district

Turkish intelligence and its mercenaries kidnapped 3 citizens from a village in Janders district in the occupied Canton of Afrin.

A source from Janders district stated that Turkish intelligence (MIT) and mercenaries (civil police) of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped 3 citizens from Al-Ramadiya village of Janders district, are: Ali Sheikh Hussein (34 years), the name of the mother is Zaynab, and Mahmoud Saleh Abbas ( 27 years old), mother's name is Nasreen, and Waled Hanan al-Ahmad (32 years old), mother's name is Fatima.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue to commit crimes and violations against the remaining indigenous people, to tighten the noose around them and displace them from their homes.



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