Turkish occupation and its mercenaries kidnap 4 young men from countryside of Girê Spi

​​​​​​​ Today, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries kidnapped 4 young men from the countryside of the occupied Girê Spî canton, including a young man whose family paid two million Syrian pounds for his release last year.

 A local source from the town of Al-Ali Baglia, affiliated to Girê Spî canton, stated that a patrol of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries raided the town today, and kidnapped 4 young men, including "Mohammed Al-Alou (Al-Ahos clan), Mustafa Al-Arar (Al-Bu Assaf clan), Issa Al-Shawakh (Al-Bu Jaber clan).  ), and Ibn Hassan Al-Othman, a student who returned a few days before giving exams in Al-Sabkha district (the eastern countryside of Raqqa, which is within the areas of the Damascus government).

 The source pointed out that the young man, Muhammad Al-Alou, was released last year after his relatives paid the leaders of the mercenaries two million Syrian pounds for his release.

 The source indicated that the kidnapped people were transferred to the so-called anti-terror branch of the mercenaries, which is located in the center of the occupied district.

 Kidnappings and arbitrary arrests of those who remain in the areas that Erdogan claims are safe areas are increasing, with the intention of asking for ransom and humiliating those who remain in those areas.  "Anoud Al-Fart", the wife of the brother of the so-called head of the local council of Tal Abyad, Saleh Al-Haj Abdullah, who was also insulted and handed over 9 young men of his relatives to the Turkish occupation on the pretext that they are collaborating with the regime to maintain his position.



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