Turkish occupation army builds military bases and mounds in Girê Spî and Ain Issa

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are building military bases, fortifications, mounds, and mercenary points in the occupied villages of  Girê Spî and Ain Issa.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue their attacks in the countryside of Ain Issa and the western countryside of Girê Spî / Tal Abyad. The Turkish occupation and mercenaries directly target civilians. Their attacks resulted in the burning of 73,000 dunams of agricultural fields in Ain Issa countryside, and 2,500,000 dunums in the countryside of Girê Spî.

They turn schools into military headquarters

Despite the ceasefire agreement, the Turkish occupation began building military headquarters and fortifications. It has so far built 5 military bases in the villages of Hoshan and Kafila, and 33 military points for mercenary groups in the vicinity of the villages of Qizali, Sharkrak and Khirbet Fares. A primary school has also been turned to a military headquarters.

Targeting civilians

There is a military base for the Turkish occupation army in Hoshan village, west of Ain Issa. It is one kilometer away from M4 between Ain Issa and Jalabiyya, which civilians use for their transportation. Two days ago, the Turkish occupation army targeted civilians with a rocket-propelled grenade, wounding one civilian

The Turkish occupation has deployed heavy weapons in military headquarters and bases, and mobilized large numbers of army personnel to those bases from which they target civilians. The occupation also started building mounds in the occupied villages.

The question is, Is the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries preparing to launch a new attack on the area?



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