Turkish occupation army shell Shoyokh town with mortars

The Turkish occupation army targeted Shoyokh Tahtani town, west of the city of Kobani in the Euphrates region with mortar shells which fell at the agricultural land belonging to the people.

According to our correspondent from the region, the Turkish occupation army stationed near the city of Jarablus, targeted the town of Shoyokh Tahtani west of the city of Kobani with mortar shells.

The correspondent said that at least six shells fell between the agricultural land belonging to the people so far, while there was no information yet on the size of the losses caused by the shelling.

The Turkish occupation army targets villages located on the eastern banks of the Euphrates River in northern Syria near Kobani with mortars, while there was no news so far on the size of human and material losses.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish occupation army shelled the town a week ago with nine artillery shells and mortars that led to the burning of areas of wheat-cultivated land.


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