Turkish occupation army snipes civilians in Serekaniye

The Turkish occupation army targeted two civilians from the city of Serekaniye with sniper weapons, wounding them in the head directly.

The Turkish occupation army targets civilians without a moral deterrent, revealing its true face and falsifying its allegations. The Turkish occupation army targeted with sniper weapons, two civilians, Maher Abdo Saadoun 35 years old and Adnan Abdul Aziz Gomaa 36 years old. Two citizens were injured.

The correspondent in the region that the Turkish occupation army targeted one of the citizens in the eye directly, while the other citizen was shot in the head and hand were transferred to the National Hospital in the city of Hasakah.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish occupation army since it launched attacks on the north and east of Syria on 9 October, has committed massacres against civilians, as it targeted a civilian convoy directly in Serekaniye, killing 13 civilians, including two journalists, and wounded more than 70 others In the massacre.


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