Turkish occupation attacks on the villages of Manbij deprive 2,735 students of education

The educational observer in the General Administration of Schools in Manbij and its countryside explained that the Turkish occupation state’s attacks, which have been ongoing since November 19, on North-eastern Syria; It deprived about 2,735 students of education, and caused the closure of about (15) schools along the border strip in the city.

The villages of the northern and western countryside of the city of Manbij are witnessing continuous bombardment by the Turkish occupation state. As a result, more than 2,735 students were deprived of education, and 15 schools were closed. directly targeted.


On this subject, the citizen, Hussein al-Daraj, from the village of al-Daraj, which is located on the frontlines of the Manbij fronts, said, "The al-Shamdan school in the village is bombed by the Turkish occupation state daily."

He continued, "The Turkish occupation does not differentiate between young and old in its bombing; it intimidates the children of the village and deprives them of education, so where are the children's rights organizations? Where are the organizations that claim humanity?"

At the end of his speech, al-Daraj affirmed his rejection of the violations of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries on the region, and said, "We will not leave our land and we will not hand it over to the occupying Turkish state. We will remain attached to it and will not leave it, no matter how intensified its bombing of the region."


In the same context, Osama al-Ahmad, an educational observer at the General Administration of Schools in the city of Manbij, said, "The Turkish occupation continues to bomb North-eastern Syria, targeting the infrastructure, hospitals, schools and mosques."

He continued, "The Turkish occupation targets schools directly, which negatively affected the educational reality in the region, and there is a great danger to schools located in villages adjacent to the frontlines, which led to their closure and the deprivation of hundreds of students of their right to education."

"The Turkish occupation state, through its attacks, directly targets students and schools," he said.

"Currently, we need psychological counselors for our children in the border villages, who cannot complete their education because of the attacks of the Turkish occupation, and the state of panic caused by these attacks," he said.

Al-Ahmad praised the important role of the General Administration of Schools, and said, "The administration made a great effort to preserve the safety of students in the areas adjacent to the front lines, as it evacuated the schools there, and worked to find alternative places for them to complete their education, but, every time the Turkish occupation state targets them.”

At the end of his speech, Al-Ahmad stressed that "the Turkish attacks are contrary to human morals, as they target our land, our homes, and even our schools, and this is terrorism!", stressing "the resistance, no matter how intense the attacks."

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