Turkish occupation authorities impose curfew on 14 areas in Şırnakh, Gülmerk

The authorities of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement imposed a curfew in 14 areas of the Şırnakh and Gülmerk districts, under the pretext " they are temporary special security zones."

Roj News Agency stated that: "The Turkish authorities have been fabricating pretexts under the name of (prohibited areas) and (special security zones) in Kurdish cities for years, especially in the regions of Şırnakh and Gülmerk."

Recently, the Turkish authorities announced a curfew in 14 areas belonging to the district of Şırnakh, Cizir, Slopy, Alek, and Qalban, from May 1 to May 15 as "temporary special security zones."

The agency indicated that: "A curfew was announced in the same area as a (special security zone) for a period of 15 days since April 16, and in the plains of four villages in Kafr sub-district in Gülmerk district on April 8."



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