Turkish occupation barbarity in Afrin-3

The Turkish occupation has killed hundreds of civilians, abducted at least 3,000 civilians, including 850 whose fate is still anonymous, looted olive and vineyard crops, kidnapped and assaulted women, seized property, abandoned their inhabitants and thousands of mercenaries and their families have been resettled and changed the area demographically, as well as pressured on the refugees to enter their settlements in Afrin and other North Syria’s areas.


The Turkish occupation policy has been clear since its threats in the last two years in its practices and violations against Afrin canton, and it took the green light from the world to commit whatever it likes, against the background of the Sochi agreement between the three countries (Russia, Turkey and Iran).

After its invasion of the Afrin canton, using all sophisticated weapons in its attack committing brutal violations against Afrin canton’s people who remained in their area and who were unable to get out during the intensity of the attacks of the Turkish occupation on 18 March last year, and they were being trapped in their homes.

While world states are still keeping silent towards these violations by Turkish army and its mercenaries in Afrin of forced displacement of people from their homes, destroying historical monuments, the burning of nature and demographic change in it.

Looting and stealing and appropriation of property

On the first day of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries to Afrin, mercenaries like the locusts stole houses, shops and banks belonging to civilians by advisory opinion and Farman Turki.

And photographs and videos were published showing the Turkish occupation’s mercenaries stealing Afrin people’s properties such as cars, tractors and the contents of houses. They entered shops, restaurants and houses and looted their contents from food, electrical appliances and others.

Afrin’s monuments have been found in Turkey’s museums

The Turkish occupation army poured out its grudge at the people of Afrin. On the first day of its occupation, they destroyed the statue of the Kurdish symbol "Kawa the Blacksmith" in the center of Kawa Square in the center the city.

The archaeological temple was destroyed in Kimar village belonging to Sherawa district, which was carved by two peacocks facing the sun symbolizing the presence of the Zoroastrian religion in Mount Lilon , Parsa Khatun shrine, located in Qastal Jando in Shara district was destroyed and Lalesh Dome was destroyed in it, the occupation also built mosques in the Yezidi villages in Afrin canton.

The church of Julianus was destroyed and looted in the village of Brad in Sherawa district, one of the world's most famous churches. It was built in the late 4th century and includes the tomb of Saint Mar Maron.

There is an Islamic shrine in the cemetery of the village of Mishala in Shara district. This shrine is sacred to the Muslims as they tie strips of cloth with tree branches near the shrine in order to achieve wishes, and the shrine was vandalized, the trees were burnt and looted after occupying Afrin.

The shrine of Sheikh Moos, dating back to 1882 near Gewanda in Rajo area, was looted and destroyed.

In his turn, the Director General of Museums in Syria, Mahmoud Hammoud, that cooperation with Turkish soldiers and businessmen and under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence in the conduct of archaeological excavations and extraction of antiquities, adding that more than 16 thousand archaeological pieces of Syria deposited in the Directorate of Antiquities of Turkey, while Turkey stole thousands of antiquities which have not been confiscated.

The toll of murdering and kidnapping is increasing every day

In order to obtain money, the kidnapping and murdering chain continues to be committed by the mercenaries against the people of Afrin.

Thousands of Afrin residents have been kidnapped since the first day of occupation. 3,000 civilians have been kidnapped from Afrin and 850 their fate is still unknown, including 159 women.

As for the release of civilians, mercenaries are demanding the parents to pay large amounts of money amounting to tens of thousands of dollars and after the payment of ransom mercenaries kidnapped another person from the family and asked for money again, and so continue the kidnapping and killing of the people of Afrin.

Cutting and burning trees and destroying of Afrin’s nature

After the occupation of Afrin, the Turkish army violated all the laws of conservation of the environment through the burning of thousands of trees, olive and pomegranate and the number of trees burned about 10,000 trees, within a distance of more than 32 thousand hectares within the geography of Afrin.

Even 90% of the proceeds of the olive season owned by the people of Afrin were taken over by the Turkish army and its mercenaries through the extraction of olive oil to Turkish territory, after establishing of a new crossing between Afrin and the Turkish territory of the village of Hammam border in Janders district, which he called the crossing of the olive branch.

Demographic change

The Turkish occupation changed the demographic situation in Afrin by resettling the families of its mercenaries and residents of the various Syrian regions and imposing its policy in Afrin to make it a second Cyprus. It changed the names of the Kurdish villages and renamed them by Turkish names, changed the names of the streets of Afrin and neighborhoods. and imposed writing banners and signs of public utilities, especially hospitals in Turkish and Arabic only, and naming some centers on the names of the family of the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Perhaps the clearest indication of the Turkish occupation conducting the policy of the demographic change is issuing Turkish ID to the inhabitants of Afrin, which helped the president of the occupying state, Erdogan to increase the percentage of voting in the elections.

The number of inhabitants settled in Afrin is 40,000. They are residents of the countryside of Homs, the villages of Hama, the plain of al-Ghab and the eastern al-Ghouta, and other areas of Syria.

Homes belonging to the indigenous people of Afrin are also seized or allowed to live in their homes in return for payment of their rent. Many of the families of Afrin remained without a home.

While the people of Afrin live as strangers in their city by depriving them of exercising all their rights, until the Turkish occupation forced the payment of the rent to stay in their homes.

Teaching a curriculum for the Syrian National Coalition

The Turkish occupation, through the council its agents established, has imposed education where a curriculum of the mercenaries of the so-called Syrian National Coalition of the Revolutionary Forces and the Syrian Opposition. Turkish language learning has also been imposed on Afrin children and children from other parts of Syria to Afrin.

In addition to changing the names of schools from the names of Syrian revolutionaries, to the names of the Sultanate of Ottoman, and raising the Turkish flag on schools

According to private sources from within the province of Afrin, the Turkish occupation seeks to annex Afrin to the state of Hatay and officially and publicly and to impose a Turkish curriculum on students in Afrin.

Destruction of public facilities and theft of their contents

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries targeted the public facilities of civil institutions, water pumping stations, post and communication centers, bakeries, Afrin slaughterhouse, schools and institutes, Afrin University and Midanki dam, which generates electricity and water for the area.

Looting of the contents of water stations, electricity wires, generators and electrical appliances, in addition to stealing the contents of Midanki dam, which was unable to work after emptying its contents.

Disruption of security and stability

The disputes and contradictions of Turkish occupation’s mercenaries are increasing day by day among themselves against the background of sharing property and Afrin people’s property who stole it.

From time to time clashes are erupting between groups of mercenaries, leaving dozens of dead and wounded, so as to pour out their anger at targeting civilians, and go to abduct them to put pressure on their families to pay large sums of money.



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