Turkish occupation bombes the villages of Bena, Soghanka and Qunaytra in Sherawa district

The Turkish occupation army bombed the villages of Bena, Soghanka and Qunaytra in the Sherawa district in occupied Canton of Afrin.

According to what ANHA correspondent reported, the Turkish occupation army is currently bombing the villages of Bena, Qunaytra and Soghanka in Sherawa district in the occupied Canton of Afrin, with heavy weapons.

He stressed that the occupation targeted these villages with more than 30 UBIs shells, while the bombing is still going on.

The Turkish bombing of the villages of Sherawa district coincides with targeting the center of the city of Kobani and the villages of Buban, Seftk, Salem and Ashma located on the Syrian-Turkish border west of the city of Kobani, in addition to the town of Al-Shiyukh Fawqani, and the village of Tawila, west of Tal Tamr district in Hasaka Canton.



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