Turkish occupation bombs  Sê Girka and Tel Ziwan in Qamishlo, reports of injuries

 The Turkish occupation army bombed the villages of  Sê Girka and Tel Ziwan, east of Qamishlo, with artillery shells, amid initial reports of a direct hit to a house in Sê Girka and injuries, including children and women.

 The Turkish occupation army targeted with artillery the villages of Sê Girka and Tel Ziwan, east of the city of Qamishlo, which led to casualties among the citizens, according to the initial data. We were not able to obtain information about their number and conditions.

 A drone belonging to the Turkish occupation army had bombed an area behind the Jian-Covid 19 Hospital, north of Qamishlo city, near the northern belt of the city, amid reports of injuries among citizens.

 This comes in the context of the Turkish occupation's continuing attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria and the perpetration of massacres and war crimes against citizens.



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