Turkish occupation builds separation wall west of Kobani

The Turkish occupation began construction of a concrete wall to separate the areas between Girê Spî/ Tel-Abyed and Kobani, by placing pre-made concrete blocks, in a clear indication of its occupation intentions.

As he did in Afrin, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries began building a separation wall west of Girê Spî/ Tel-Abyed, to achieve its goal of dividing the Syrian lands and annexing them to Turkey.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) monitored the Turkish occupation's construction of a cement wall using precast concrete blocks between the villages of Kandala and Jalabah, which are located 1 km south of the Turkish border, to link the wall to the wall placed on the border.

In addition to placing the concrete wall about 1 km in length, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries established earth mounds on the other side of the wall.

The Turkish occupation is building the wall in the west of Girê Spî/ Tel-Abyed and east of Kobani, 14 kilometers from the city of Tel-Abyed.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have transformed the villages of civilians who were forcibly displaced and schools into military headquarters.

The photos have been depicted by ANHA camera lens show the movements of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the villages of Kandala, Bir Tamoh, Jalabah, and Afdako al-Kobrah.

It should be noted that the Turkish occupation began construction of the partition wall of Syria between the city of Afrin and al-Shahba regions on April 18 of the previous year, with the aim of separating Afrin and annexing it to the Turkish state of Hatay.

With the Turkish occupation’s construction of the wall west of Tel Abyad, it affirms its ambitions and plans aimed at dividing the Syrian territories and annexing the areas it occupies to its lands.



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