Turkish occupation carried out excavations at Marmaron archaeological site

The Turkish occupation carried out excavations at the Marmaron archaeological site in the village of Brad in the district of Shirawa of Afrin and stole valuable artifacts.

ANHA agency received a video recordings via sources showing the excavation of the Turkish occupation of Marmaron archaeological site and the theft of valuable artifacts from it.

Turkish occupation excavates and tampering with archaeological sites in Afrin unabated, the occupation forces bombarded Tel Aindara and destroyed its temple, the occupation conducted excavations at the site of Nabi Hori

Sources said earlier that the occupation transferred many artifacts from Afrin to its museums. All this takes place amid international silence without talking about violations of the Turkish occupation in Afrin.

It is noteworthy that Marmaron is the most famous Syriac figure in the region throughout history, and lived in Mount Lilon in the fourth century AD.



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