Turkish occupation crimes continue … 11 civilians kidnapped from Afrin

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries kidnapped 11 civilians from occupied Afrin, while information indicated that they released two of them after paying a ransom by their relatives.

The Turkish occupation army continues with its crimes against humanity against civilians in the occupied areas of Syria, while kidnappings of civilians are frequent by its mercenaries demanding ransom from their families.

According to private sources from the Mobata district of ANHA agency's correspondent, the mercenaries of the so-called Jabhat al-Shamiyya belonging to Turkish occupation, yesterday, kidnapped 8 people from the village of Raja.

The sources mentioned to the reporter the names of the kidnapping, namely, "Ali Hamo, Hussein Sheikho, Aziz Sheikho, Batal Muhammad Sheikho, Ali Hamo, Haitham Ramzi Haji Hamo, Hanif Aref Shaara, Muhammad Prem and Hanif Hanan."

Turkey's gangs demanded from families pay ransom to be released their sons, Hanif Hanan and Muhammad Prem were released after the ransom was paid by their relatives and the fate of the rest remains unknown.

In the same context, a source from the village of Ma'amala, in the district of Mobata, indicated that the mercenaries of "Sultan Muhammad Fateh" had kidnapped a number of the villagers, without knowing the reason.

The source obtained the names of the kidnapped, they are Lawand Omar Samo, 20, Muhammad Manan Prem, 32, and Joan Shukri Omar, 20, whose fate is still unknown.

The occupied areas by Turkey are witnessing cases of popular resentment rejecting the existence of the occupation and their continuing crimes against civilians. Yesterday, the Mobata district witnessed a demonstration against the occupation, while the people of Tel-Abyed revolt against the occupation and demanded the release of civilians kidnapped by the mercenaries of the occupation.



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