​​​​​​​Turkish occupation deprives al-Hasakah population from water 6th time consecutively 

Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have cut off the water to al-Hasakah city from Alok station 6th time consecutively since its occupation of Serêkaniyê

Despite having had several cases of Covid- 19 in al-Hasakah city, and lockdown imposed in all over the world to fight covid-19, Turkish occupation deprived al-Hasakah city's residents from the water and prevented pumping water from Alok station in occupied Serêkaniyê.

In a telephone call to Hawar news agency ANHA with the Water Directorate in the city of al-Hasakah, they confirmed the cut off water from Alok station that feeds the city and its surroundings with water, and noted that the workers had not entered the station for ten days, and until now they do not know the reason for cutting the water.



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