Turkish occupation deprives farmers of their land

The Turkish occupation state continues its threats to northern and eastern Syria, while it is targeting farmers and preventing them from cultivating their lands near the border.

The people of Gire Spi in northern and eastern Syria, who suffered from the oppression of mercenaries during their period of control over the region, are now face the threats and violations of the Turkish occupation state. The Turkish occupation soldiers target the farmers prevent them from going to their fields close to the border and depriving them of cultivation their lands.

"By building the wall on the border our lands have been confiscated"

The village of Susk of Gire Spi, is a village where Turkish occupation soldiers target farmers. The farmer, Refat Izz al-Din, who owns land near the border, talked about the practices of the Turkish occupation state: "The Turkish state has built a wall on the border, a large part of our land has been confiscated and we cannot go to our fields because the Turkish occupation soldiers fired at us and half of the village's land without cultivation now. "

"the Turkish soldiers fired at me "

Farmer Omar Ali from the village of Yabsa explained that the soldiers targeted him while he was going to his land, which led to his injury. He described the shooting incident as saying: "Our land is very close to the border and I headed one morning with towards my land and when I reached there the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army deliberately shot at me in my legs and stomach.

Ali explained that anyone approaching the wall on the border with the Turkish state was shot adding "They are moving freely on their land, so why are they preventing us from approaching our land?"

"The Turkish state is trying to commit massacres"

"The Turkish state is now trying to commit crimes against us, it follows all the dirty policies that are far from humanity and seek to expel us from our lands in order to occupy them," he said.

"The AKP government is trying to achieve its interests under the mask of the Islamic religion ... If the Turkish state is a Muslim country, why does it practice injustice against us, we are also Muslims," ​​Ali concluded.



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