Turkish occupation drones hover over Serêkaniyê, Turkey's gangs block road of the hospital 

Drones belong to Turkish occupation are hovering over the sky of Serêkaniyê city, while Turkey's gangs block the road that led to the hospital to prevent the opening safe passage to evacuate the wounded out the city.

Turkish reconnaissance planes continue to hover over the sky of Serêkaniyê city of non -stop, while Turkish mercenaries blocked the road leading to the city's hospital coming from the entrance of the city, to prevent the opening of a humanitarian corridor to transport the wounded.

Since yesterday evening, the Turkish occupation state has been working to bring mercenaries and heavy weapons into the city of Serêkaniyê, despite the truce.

Yesterday, despite the announcement of the truce, the Turkish occupation planes bombed a number of villages and neighborhoods of the city, causing the death of a number of civilians in the Zarkan district belonging to Serêkaniyê.



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