Turkish occupation executed 3 civilians in Zarkan countryside

Three civilians have been executed by Turkish occupation army in al-Dabash village, located between the two districts Zarkan/ Abo Rasin and Ad-Derbasiya.  

According to ANHA correspondent, according to the information obtained, the Turkish occupation army carried out filed execution in the village of Dabash against 3 civilains, which is located between the districts of Zarkan / Abu Rasin, and Ad-Derbasiya belonging to al-Hasakah canton in Al-Jazeera region.

Our correspondent explained that until now the three people have not been identified.

People who were field-executed with their hands tied back, and their bodies were thrown out in wildness

Since the beginning of its aggression against northern and eastern Syria on October 9, the Turkish occupation army has committed war crimes against civilians after it and its mercenaries executed civilians, politicians and fighters in the field in violation of international laws.

Turkey is also accused of using internationally prohibited weapons. It used white phosphorus to bomb the city of Ras al-Ain on October 13, resulted in the injuring civilians with these weapons.



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