Turkish occupation expands its bombardment on Al-Shahba and Afrin villages

The Turkish occupation army expanded its bombardment to include a group of villages in al-Shahba canton, Shera and Sherawa districts in the occupied canton of Afrin

ANHA's correspondent reported that Turkish occupation is launching violent bombardments on the villages of Shawarga, Tat Marash, Irshadiyeh and Tanab in Shera district, and on the villages of Soghanka, Burj Qas and Aqiba in Sherawa district in the occupied canton of Afrin.

ANHA's said that the Turkish occupation fired more than 100 mortars at the mentioned villages.

He also reported that the bombing of Kafr Anton village of al-Shahba canton is still continuing.

ANHA's correspondent had reported earlier today that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries bombarded the village of Beineih in the Sherawa district in the occupied Afrin canton, and the village of Kafr Anton in the al-Shahba canton with heavy weapons.



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