Turkish Occupation Forces reinforce posts in Tal Tamr and Zarghan

A military source has revealed that Turkish Occupation Forces have brought military reinforcements including tanks  into the village of Tal Manakh lying in the area between Tal Tamr and Zarghan.

A military source has revealed to ANHA's correspondent in the area that Turkish Occupation Forces and the affiliated mercenary groups brought military reinforcements into the village of Tal Manakh to the north of Tal Tamr on the road to Zarghan, adding that berms were created on the hill of the Tal Manakh village as tanks of the Turkish Occupation Forces were stationed, according to the source in question.

The Tal Manakh hill is a strategic one, as it commands the road that links Tal Tamr to Zarghan.

This comes in a time attacks carried out by the Turkish Occupation Forces on Tal Tamr and Zarghan villages have been intensified.



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