Turkish occupation forces shell Afrin’s villages; news of soldiers of Syrian army killed, others, a civilian wounded

In the meantime, the Turkish occupation army shells the villages of Sherawa and Shara of the Afrin canton, and according to information, the shelling resulted in the death of a soldier of the Syrian government army, in addition to the injury of another, and a civilian was also wounded by the shelling.

Our agency correspondent stated that the Turkish Occupation Army shells in the meantime the villages of "Akiba, Binah, and Ziyara", which are affiliated with Sherawa district, and the villages of "Shawaraghah, Malikiyah, Maranaz, Irshadiya", which is affiliated with Shara district in Afrin canton.

Our reporter explained that information indicates that a soldier from the Syrian government army was killed and another wounded by the shelling.

Our correspondent said that the continuous shelling in the area also resulted in the injury of the civilian, Mahmoud Sido Sido, who is called "Abu Sido", who is a resident of Qatameh village in Afrin canton, and he currently lives in the village of Akiba.


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