Turkish occupation installs radar systems in vicinity of Ain Issa

The Turkish occupation deployed "radar systems" as well as control towers in the military bases scattered deep in the Syrian territories, in conjunction with a continuous attack targeting Ain Issa district.

Turkey began installing radar systems in two bases near the M4 international highway, 32 km deep inside Syrian territory.

Videos taken by our reporters show Turkish radars are in a base near the village of Saida, north of the town of Ain Issa, next to a watchtower equipped with a camera and self-operating weapon.

According to the information our agency obtained, the system is for air defense against drones. It was published a few days ago, and it is likely that it is a Turkish-made "notification".

The Turkish occupation forces had deployed a different radar system during May last year, along the seam zones in al-Jazira and Euphrates regions.

This comes in conjunction with Turkish artillery bombardment on the vicinity of the town of Ain Issa in northeastern Syria and a number of villages on the international road as well as repeated infiltration attempts since November 23 of last year, 2020.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced through a number of separate statements that 68 Turkish mercenaries and soldiers had been killed within 3 months of the continuous Turkish attack on the district, while it revealed the record of 13 fighters within its ranks, who were martyred as part of the resistance against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.



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