Turkish occupation intensified its military troops on border Tel-Abyed

 The Turkish occupation army continues its movements on the Syrian-Turkish border off the city of GIRÊ SPî / Tel-Abyed for the third week consecutively, and on Tuesday night had witnessed more moves off the city, including the arrival of new Turkish military reinforcements, in addition to reconnaissance aircraft.

Tuesday night, the Turkish occupation army brought in a number of armored vehicles, tanks and military vehicles in the border city of Akjakla, in conjunction with the hovering of Turkish drones over the skies of Tel-Abyed until the morning hours.

Before deploying troops, (ANHA) correspondents said the Turkish occupation army had set fire to agricultural lands along the border with the city of Tel-Abyed.

The developments come at a time when Turkey is threatening to occupy areas in the north and east of Syria and the mobilization of troops on the border since the middle of this month.





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