Turkish occupation, its gangs kidnapped 3 citizens in Afrin

3 citizens have been kidnapped by Turkish occupation and its gangs from the residents of Janders district belonging to Afrin.

According to a source from the people of Janders district to our agency (ANHA) that Turkish occupation army's mercenaries abducted three citizens of the village of Jikali village of Janders district in Afrin canton.

The names of the abductees, according to the source are: "Hussein Oso, who is at 32 years old, Mohammed Murad, 44 years old, and Mustafa Abdo, 21 years old."

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries abduct civilians in Afrin and its countryside, without any pretext, some of them are still unaccounted for, and others have been released after their parents paid large ransoms.



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