Turkish occupation kidnaps civilians, creates new ways of torture

The Turkish occupation army kidnapped 3 thousand civilians from Shia district's people in Afrin, tortured them with various tools and methods and took them to Qarmitlak village in Afrin and Turkey, there is no information about their situation.


According to reliable source from Shia district, the Turkish occupation army's gangs kidnapped 3,000 civilians from the neighboring villages of Shia and transferred them to Mirkan village in Mobabta village, and then transferred some to Qarmitlak village and some to Turkey for interrogation.

The source pointed out that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation kidnapped and blindfolded the civilians and shot near their feet and over their heads to intimidate them.

The source also confirmed that the mercenaries were beating them with sticks, hoses and whips, and the back of Kalashnikov, where the source sent pictures of agency's correspondent (ANHA) showing the effects of torture on the body of one of the abductees

In a new type of torture invented by mercenaries, they put the hands of the abductors on the stones and beat them with a hammer, breaking their bones.

In more detail, the source reported that when the kidnappers arrived at the assembly point in Mirkan village, one of the Turkish mercenaries pointed to eight of the abductees randomly and accused them of belonging to People Protection Units (YPG).

The source added that 6 of them were transferred from Mirkan village to Qarmitlak village belonging to Shia district and others were taken to Turkey and their fate is still unknown, there is no information about their status till now




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