Turkish occupation kidnaps civilians, forces them to pay ransom

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries abducted nine citizens from the villages of Afrin, the occupation demanded a financial ransom from four of them until they were released, while the fate of five of them is unknown so far.


The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue their violations against the citizens of Afrin canton, where daily reports of killings, kidnappings and rape come in the midst of international silence.

A reliable source told ANHA agency that the Turkish occupation kidnapped five civilians from Kabashin village of Sherawa district at Afrin canton

The source informed ANHA agency of the names of the abductees: Ibrahim Omar Haidar 30 years, Abdul Hamid Ismail Haidar 28 years, Mohammad Hasan Abdo 28 years, Adel Mohammad Shukri 25 years, Fadel Mohammad Shukri 18 years.

The source said that the abductees were transferred to an unknown destination without any information about their fate so far.

On the other hand, the source pointed out the occupation kidnapped four residents of Burj al-Kas village of Sherawa district when they were grazing their 250 sheep near the occupied Brad village.

The source said that the citizens are "Nazmi Ali 60 years, Ali Khalil 45 years, Kadri Bahri 60 years, Mohammad Fattah 30 years."

The source said that the mercenaries looted five sheep and forced the abductees to pay a ransom of 1,000 US dollars until they were released.




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