Turkish occupation kills an Afrini child, its hospital steals his organs

On Monday, the Turkish occupation army (Gendarmerie) shot a 16-year-old Afrin boy at the Turkish-Syrian border in the occupied Afrin district, to be hospitalized in the Turkish city of Kilis, after his organs were stolen, his body was sent bacck to his family.

Sources from inside Afrin confirmed to our agency correspondent that "Turkish Gendarmerie" killed Khalil Nihad Sheikho yesterday from Farkan village in the occupied Afrin canton with three bullets at the Turkish-Syrian border in Shera district (Sharan) when he tried to escape from the oppression and injustice of the mercenaries of the occupation Turkish in occupied Afrin.

After his injury, he was hospitalized in Turkey's Kilis. Later his organs were stolen then handed over his body to his relatives.

Video footage filmed the moment the child's relatives received his body shows that his organs were stolen.

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