Turkish occupation looted Afrin’s wheat, barley production

Turkish occupation army and its gangs harvested the wheat and barley harvest belonging to the people of Afrin, after destroying part of it when it was in maturity stage.


About 70 harvesters have been sent to Afrin canton by Turkish occupation army and its gangs to harvest the wheat and Barley belonging to Afrin people, the source (Y, S) from Afrin said that the occupation harvested in front of the landowners.

The source pointed out that the Turkish occupation will transfer the crop to Turkey after completion.

The source pointed out that Turkey's gangs sent a week ago 70 harvesters to Afrin canton, in order to start harvesting the crops of the people.

The occupation prevents the villagers from harvesting their crops, and they prevent the villagers from approaching them during the harvest. If the owners of the lands insist on preventing the occupation from harvesting their crop, it is completely burned without any hesitation, according to the source




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